Welcome to the Indoor
Cricket South Africa Website.
Indoor Cricket as it is now known,
was started in Australia in 1984 after it
was brought over from Germany. The nets
were introduced as only difference and this
successful formula has grown from strength to strength
in various countries around the world. Played in countries like
Australia, New Zealand, England, South Africa, India and few other
countries, this great sport has its various levels from social matches to
league matches to Provincial or State tournaments all the way up to inter-
national matches including World Cups and Masters Series.
"My Cricket journey started at my local Indoor Cricket centre, yours can to."
- Michael Clarke

Every year,
the ICSA and Indoor Cricket
Arena's, host various National Tournaments
around the country.Teams are selected per Province
and on a trial basis. This is normally a few months prior to the
tournament. These players are selected from the arenas within that
region. They then practice as hard as they can before the tournament.At
tournament, the provincial teams compete against all other participating provinces
to determine the champions.

"Indoor cricket is a variant of and shares many basic concepts with cricket.
The game is most often played between two teams each consisting
of six or eight players."
- Wikipedia
Every year,
the ICSA and Indoor
Cricket Arena's, host various
National Tournaments around the
country. National Teams are selected
at these tournaments. You have to represent
a Province at a tournament to qualify for a National or
International tour. National Tours tour the country to promote
this beautiful sport at all levels. Teams practice as hard as they
can before a tour.International Tours compete internationally against
other countries, either in World Series' or World Cups.
"The first international Test matches were played between Australia and
New Zealand in 1985."
- Wikipedia

Indoor Cricket South Africa,
is the only recognised body for
Indoor Cricket in South Africa,
affiliated to Cricket South Africa (CSA).

"The sport has also been played by some of Australia's best outdoor cricketers."
- playcricket.com.au